Improve communication and deliver innovation to market with a 3DEXPERIENCE Assessment

Our 3DEXPERIENCE Assessment aims to:

  • Improve communication
  • Align design, procurement and suppliers early in manufacturing decisions
  • Standardise products for reuse
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate failed audits
  • Effectively leverage existing resources

How can we help?

Majenta are a leader in providing Dassault Systèmes Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. Whether you work in Design, Engineering or Manufacturing, we can help. We understand industry drivers and the corporate strategies that must be in place to successfully deliver innovative new solutions to market. Because of this, we can work closely with you to identify the right products and process for your business requirements.

From installation and support services to customer specific requirements, our 3DEXPERIENCE Assessment is used to review the current environment and identify business-wide initiatives for growth and improvement.

We analyse the impacts of these initiatives on the People, Technology, and Processes within the company. As a result of this, we can develop a proposed road-map of changes to help enable these initiatives. Through this process, we will also help develop a cost justification for any changes.

What is a 3DEXPERIENCE Assessment?

  • The 3DEXPERIENCE Assessment is a process of discovery where we use our proprietary methodology and analysis toolsets to help you uncover opportunities for business transformation with PLM. It enables you to evaluate and link your unique business drivers and strategies to solution capabilities with supporting benefit metrics and their associated improvement values.
  • The 3DEXPERIENCE Assessment complements the technical capability evaluation of the Dassault Systèmes solution by answering the question: how, where and when will I realise the benefits of the solution? A 3DEXPERIENCE Assessment often runs in parallel to a formal technical evaluation process and maintains the objectivity of that process.
  • The output of a 3DEXPERIENCE Assessment is a business and financial case for a Dassault Systèmes solution, as well as a roadmap of metrics to be measured for value attainment.

Competition, Market Forces, Regulatory Requirements, Growth Goals

  • Project teams have become more distributed and products are becoming more complex
  • Product design and manufacturing processes are exceedingly complex and pushing the limits of technology
  • Regulatory, safety and quality requirements are increasingly stringent, with OEMs relying more on global partners to share risks and maximise product development and manufacturing expertise
  • Projects are becoming more and more complex, albeit the industry remains deficient in experienced engineers

Common strategies adopted from industry drivers

  • Improve communication across the entire program team including external partners and global locations
  • Align and coordinate design, procurement and suppliers early in the program to accelerate design and manufacturing decisions
  • Standardise products for reuse
  • Increase customer satisfaction through on-time and date item description compliant deliveries of contract data
  • Reduce or eliminate penalties and late payments with an integrated system for managing contract scheduled and deliverables
  • Eliminate failed audit with a repeatable and secure submittal process
  • Leverage existing resources and effectively scale organisations through efficiency improvements

Our 3DEXPERIENCE Assessments are tailored for you

Dassault Systèmes offers PLM solutions with a breadth and depth that is unmatched for the Design, Engineering and Manufacturing industries. The extensive 3DEXPERIENCE Assessments performed have led us to conclude that the most valuable approach is to perform an unique analysis that captures the nuances and the business challenges driving your organisation. Our 3DEXPERIENCE Assessment methodology is moulded to your business environment and is performed within the scope of Dassault Systèmes products and services, including products, services and solutions which are organised around four distinctive brands: CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA and SIMULIA.

  • "The technical guys at Majenta Solutions have become our user-friendly interface; they really understand both Jaguar, our major client, and Ford."

    Ian Blundell

    CAD Manager
    EATON Vehicle Group

  • "We have had a close working relationship with Majenta for many years and fully rely on their knowledge, expertise and professionalism to support our busy CAD environment."

    Jason Diggle

    Application Support Analyst
    Wartsila Water Systems Ltd

  • "We’ve really appreciated Majenta’s consultancy – they’ve been liaising with some of the large contractors who are now relatively advanced in BIM for help and feedback on what we’ve done and their response has been very positive."

    Chris Hinton

    Senior Technical Specialist
    University of Cambridge

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