The Bid to Win solution enables teams with the industry proven tools and processes to analyse opportunities, win new business, then design, engineer, validate, manufacture, and deliver on target to their customers’ satisfaction.

Industry leaders benefit from this solution, through providing a centralised ‘single source of the truth’ when syncing multi-site projects, development changes, product data, and requirements management. As business is won, and successfully completed, critical success factors are captured for re-use in a systematic process, to fortify your expertise and knowledge base, which is updated with real data when projects are selected and parts produced.

What’s included?

  • Project and Quality Management: Bid to Win Industry solutions support systematic, well-defined processes, with industry-proven checks and methodologies, to ensure that every project is monitored carefully to deliver expected quality and deliverables on time with controlled margin.
  • Product Engineering: Bid to Win industry solutions leverage productive, multi-version CATIA capabilities, via multiple approaches, without disruption to current developments.
  • Sourcing and Standardisation: Bid to Win industry solutions provide a full set of applications to classify company assets, identify master parts for reuse, and ensure Engineering selects the preferred part, while monitoring over time the execution of company policy.
  • Advanced Product Engineering: Bid to Win industry solutions will enable your global collaborators to connect online to one single source of the truth.  This integrated, open development platform will support real-time concurrent design/engineering, and provide immediate 3D insight for all across the enterprise.

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  • End-to-end Electrical Engineering Processes: Bid to Win industry solutions integrate electrical harness and electronic design within the full scope of product engineering and simulation. Enabling upfront system validation, 3D cable harness generation, interference check, and configuration management.
  • Mold and Tooling Engineering: Bid to Win industry solutions provide a unified, integrated development platform for design, simulation, manufacturing and more specifically mold and tooling engineering.
  • Product Performance Validation: Bid to Win industry solutions provide a comprehensive, integrated platform for virtual simulation, analysis and validation, ensuring optimal performance and accelerating innovation.
  • Fabrication and Machining: Bid to Win industry solutions provide a single data repository to store and manage design and manufacturing lifecycle of product.  Supports end-to-end multi-process traceability to manage engineering changes impacts, cost and potential delays.

Discover the Values of the Bid to Win solution:

  • Expedite new business opportunities: Enhance your bidding process – accelerate, improve profitable bid/win ratio
  • Ensure global integrity, synergy: Implement governance to integrate distributed programs for global synergies
  • Enhance multi-team collaboration: Synchronise and enhance multi-disciplinary engineering collaboration
  • Adopt holistic systems efficiencies: Transform engineering process with holistic system engineering development and performance
  • "We’ve really appreciated Majenta’s consultancy – they’ve been liaising with some of the large contractors who are now relatively advanced in BIM for help and feedback on what we’ve done and their response has been very positive."

    Chris Hinton

    Senior Technical Specialist
    University of Cambridge

  • "We have dealt with the Data Management team for over 12 years now, in that time they have been highly professional with the service that they provide."

    Jamie Calleja

    Resident CAD Engineer
    EATON Vehicle Group

  • "Majenta have demonstrated real attention to detail, providing us with extremely thorough documentation and have been very easy to communicate with. This is all very refreshing!"

    Rob Bohee

    IT Manager
    NES Limited

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