Are you in the dark about 3DEXPERIENCE Composites?

Have you ever thought your current design-to-manufacturing process is slow, tedious, sequential and non-collaborative? Or wondered if there was a more effective way of doing things that would enable you to keep abreast of increasing customer demands in the complexity, performance and quality of your composite products?

If you thought – Yes, to either then perhaps you need a new approach?

Discover the 3DEXPERIENCE Composites Design Solution

Developed in partnership with industry leaders, this end-to-end PLM solution for composites combines, on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the power of CATIA for virtual product definition, SIMULIA for virtual testing, DELMIA for virtual production, and advanced specialised solutions and support from Majenta to support the expanded use of composites.

At the heart of the solution, CATIA provides a dedicated environment for the design of composite structures, including:

  • Full definition from conceptual to engineering detailed design and manufacturing preparation
  • Dedicated functional contexts to integrate structural, assembly, and manufacturing requirements early in the design phase
  • Collaboration between cross-functional teams through powerful synchronization mechanisms
  • Knowledge-based engineering

SIMULIA provides advanced simulation tools and composites-specific methodologies to improve the design, increase the value of virtual testing, and significantly reduce the reliance on physical testing while meeting regulatory and competitive requirements.

DELMIA supplies digital manufacturing capabilities from planning to simulation-based validation, work instruction authoring, and actual delivery to the shop floor.

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From aircraft fairing to train noses, boat hulls and wind blades, composites offer dramatic opportunities to meet today’s increasingly cost-driven market requirements and environmental concerns. As well as this, composites design offer additional benefits such as:
  • They are stronger and lighter than traditional materials
  • They enable you to predict part behaviour for quality and optimisation
  • Using composites design you can optimise complex structures definition
  • By using composites design you can anticipate issues upfront and avoid trial and error on the shop floor
  • Using composites design enables you to influence the design of components
  • Composites design can help you solve complex manufacturing situations

Find out more about the benefits of Composites Design.

Composite Engineering capabilities delivered by the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform and CATIA

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform, together with CATIA provides a Composite Engineering capability that delivers a collaborative & efficient means to improve your composite engineering and manufacturing process.

CATIA Composite Engineering consists of several ‘roles’ as per below. Each ‘role’ is focussed on a specific function within the design-to-manufacturing process yet work together to provide a seamless process from Design to Analysis to Manufacturing – within a single platform:

CATIA Composite Engineering RolesOn CloudOn Premise
Composites DesignerYY
Composites Braiding DesignerYY
Composites Designer & ManufacturerYY
Composites EngineerYY
Composites Forming DesignerY
Composites Laser Projection OperatorYY
Composites ManufacturerYY
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