Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, DELMIA helps global businesses re-imagine their planning, management and optimisation of industrial operations.

An integral part of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the connection between the virtual and real worlds. Operational excellence requires harmony across design, production, distribution, people and processes. DELMIA’s portfolio enables you to transform operations.

With DELMIA you can design and test in a simulated production environment. Once complete, you can efficiently plan, produce, and manage all resources from staff, to production, to customer delivery. DELMIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, allows all stakeholders in operations, no matter their level of expertise, to be part of a single community that has all of its members, and all of its assets, working toward the same shared objectives of operational excellence.


DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE enables Manufacturing and Production users to benefit from a 3D collaborative innovation and production experience. This is applicable to all stages in the manufacturing lifecycle such as virtual process and system definition, optimisation, scheduling and operation, to maintenance of real-time production systems.

Operational excellence begins with engineering . Today, engineering is best done in the digital realm. Manufacturers use DELMIA to create digital models that virtually simulate products, processes, and factory operations. Manufacturers can better modify processes to quickly respond to the competition or take advantage of the next market opportunity. Improve your planning across a range of operations to accelerate new product introduction or operational expansion.

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Key Benefits and Capabilities

  • Assembly Simulation: Creating operations to build the as-planned product and analysing resource requirements.
  • Ergonomics:To create, validate and simulate human worker interaction in the manufacturing environment. Evaluate efficiency and safety performing processes and tasks.
  • Machining: Create and program toolpaths from the part model to drive the CNC Machine. Simulate toolpaths to optimise cycle times and to reduce waste.
  • Manufacturing Operations Management: DELMIA can transform global production operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence through digital continuity.
  • Process Planning: Create manufacturing process plans for products. Step-by-step plans can be created, with time studies and workload balancing to ensure efficiency.
  • Robotics: Create robot production programs from a modelled robot cell. Send the program to your robot controller to control the movement of your robot.

DELMIA V6 Portfolios

DELMIA Version 6 allows manufacturers in any industry, such as Transportation and Mobility, Aerospace and Defence, High Tech, Industrial Equipment, Engineering, and Construction to virtually experience their entire factory production from the impact of design to determining how to meet global demand, allowing manufacturers to address and shift processes to quickly respond to the competition and take advantage of market opportunities.

Assembly Simulation Engineers

Creating operations to build the as-planned product and analysing resource requirements.

Key Capabilities:

  • Assembly and Process Simulation: Assembly Feasibility Studies through 3D Simulation
  • Live Assembly: Interactive 3D Assembly Feasibility Studies for Product Designers
  • Enable collaborative innovation with easy access to V5 and v6 simulations
  • Extend to non-expert users the power of V5 and V6 simulation replays
  • Simplified access

Ergonomics Specialists

Assessing the working conditions, ensuring compliance and verifying assembly across multiple platforms.

Key Capabilities:

  • Ergonomics Analysis: Analyse and Predict Human Safety and Performance
  • Ergonomics Evaluation: Create and Evaluate Lifelike Manikins in Context
  • Ergonomics Task Definition: Program and Simulate Human Tasks
  • Ergonomics for Vehicle Design: Understand the Ergonomics Impact of Vehicle Design with Virtual 3D Manikins

NC Programmers

Defining the behaviour of programmable CNC machines.

Key Capabilities:

  • Extended Milling Machining: Create multi-axis milling machine programs in a lifelike 3D environment
  • Milling Machining
  • NC Machine Builder: Create and Manage Virtual NC Machine Tools and Accessories
  • NC Machining Simulation: Simulation of NC Machine Tools
  • Prismatic Machining: Create, optimise, and validate milling programs in a virtual workplace
  • Simplified access

Robotics Programmers

Performing reach-ability studies, interlock analysis and offline robot teaching to deliver optimised robotics programs to the shop floor.

Key Capabilities:

  • Robotics Arc Welding: Computer Aided Generation of Robotic Arc Welding Programs
  • Robotics Offline Programming: Import and Export Version 6 Production Robot Programs
  • Robotics Spot Welding: Generate and Manage Robot Spot Welding Programs
  • Robot Task Definition: Program, Simulate and Validate Industrial Robot Behaviour
  • Robotics Virtual Commissioning

Manufacturing Planners

Creating and optimising build-to-order and lean production manufacturing systems.

Key Capabilities:

  • Custom Time Analysis: Leverage proprietary time analysis data
  • Process Planning: Fastener Planning for All Industries
  • Manufactured Product Planning: Define the Manufacturing Bill of Materials
  • Process Planning: Process Planning for All Industries
  • Product System Simulation: Define and Simulate Manufacturing Systems
  • Work Instruction Planning: Detail and document processes

Manufacturing Managers

Managing the manufacturing process with a goal toward optimised global production operations efficiency.

Key Capabilities:

  • Live Process Review: View Product, Process, and Resource Data
  • Process and Resource Editor: Manufacturing Process and Resource Project Administration for Managers
  • Process Review: Web-based access to manufacturing data for non-engineering users
  • Enable collaborative innovation with easy access to V5 and v6 simulations
  • Extend to non-expert users the power of V5 and V6 simulation replays
  • "Of all the CAD specialists we spoke to, Majenta had the skills to help us turn things around."

    David Wickett

    Senior Project Manager
    University of Cambridge

  • "We’ve really appreciated Majenta’s consultancy – they’ve been liaising with some of the large contractors who are now relatively advanced in BIM for help and feedback on what we’ve done and their response has been very positive."

    Chris Hinton

    Senior Technical Specialist
    University of Cambridge

  • "Having used a multitude of different CAD software packages with a range of support services from different suppliers, I can honestly say that the software and support we have received from Majenta has been outstanding."

    Mark Butler

    Design Engineer
    FTR Moto

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