Leverage Integrated, Virtual and Physical Testing Capabilities to Improve Vehicle Quality, Reliability and Performance.

Progressively more sophisticated customer and industry demands have pushed vehicle performance and quality expectations ever higher. Simultaneously, advancing global competition requires the optimization of costs, acceleration of cycle time, and successful management of product quality, warranty claims and recall risks.

Global Validation, Proven Performance 3DEXPERIENCE® solutions can enhance quality, save cycle time and reduce development costs by improving both your physical and virtual testing and validation. Reduce warranty claims and recall risks by leveraging holistic, integrated testing and validation capabilities, to ensure that all industry and customer requirements are successfully fulfilled.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Define the Product (Vehicle & System) Performance target and the regulation to be satisfied
  • Provide a Validation platform enabling to Plan, Prepare, Execute, Monitor and Analyze all the Virtual and Real Tests (Project KPI) to be conducted
  • Evaluate and Optimize Vehicle performance (Product KPI) on virtual models and close loop with Real Tests
  • Specify the Virtual & Real prototypes required and Manage their composition and evolution
  • Consolidate Certification file to be submitted to Regulatory Agencies to get System/Vehicle Approval
  • Define in the PLM the validation plan from System to vehicle Synthesis level and estimate the cost of Execution
  • Global Optimization of the validation plan across organizations & across discipline enabling to rationalize the number of prototypes, the number of Tests and choose the nature of Tests (Virtual vs Real) based on subjective criteria
  • Openness (Mesh, KPI, data thanks to « V+R Process » Connectors)

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  • Single source of truth: Data & Process Traceability from Requirement to Certification (Requirement, Test, Parameters, V+R Prototype, Task, Resources, Method, …)
  • Centralize in a unique repository Product Performances Attributes target values & their corresponding values estimated with many different Authoring tools
  • Collaborative Validation platform between OEM & Suppliers
  • Integrated & open Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Simulation Platform with Multi-disciplinary Optimisation
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