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ICEM Surf Professional brings time savings in Class-A surface design construction phases with extended control and flexibility in defining and analyzing Curve & surfaces.  Additional ergonomic and infrastructure improvements further enhance and optimize user workflow.

ICEM Surf continues to deliver high quality Class A surfacing tools to the automotive industry

For more than 25 years, ICEM Surf has led the world in the development of Class A-surface modeling, surface analysis and design visualization software solutions in serving the automotive industry.

Our vision to build upon ICEM Surf’s acknowledged reputation in the surface modeling marketplace to address our customer’s total needs and expectations continues, will further evolutions of our Surface creation & modification and advanced surface analysis tools.

ICEM Surf keeps improving its advanced surfacing design technologies with new commands

Global Fillet command has been introduced to further extend ICEM Surf’s range of capabilities to create aesthetical shapes. The Global Fillet command capabilities are a first step in modernising and updating legacy filleting operations, whereby the Global capabilities are derived from the former ‘Fillet’ command due for replacement. This command offers the user the possibility select and globally apply fillet in one operation.

ICEM Surf is the leading software solution in the development of Class A-surface modeling, Analysis and Design visualisation supporting organisations, from OEMs, through their supply chains, to small independent producers.

The range of ICEM Surf capabilities allows it to be applied in a wide variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive and consumer goods.

Offering a scalable portfolio of solutions, ICEM Surf facilitates Styling & Surface Refinement, Reverse Engineering and Digital design review processes, enabling enterprises to accelerate development cycles and help companies speed-up their responses to market needs in product design.

ICEM Surf Professional is often described as the reference system for the creation of Class-A surfaces, ICEM Surf Professional is the base module for the creation and modification of demanding free-form surfaces.

In a very short time you can model components with surfaces that are doubly curved and smooth at the same time. Unique construction and modelling tools with integrated real-time diagnosis rapidly lead you to the desired results.

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ICEM Surf Professional Add-on Modules

ICEM Surf Professional (K24) is the core product and pre-requisite for all add-on modules.

ICEM Surf Master module focuses on global filleting, Overcrowning, Feature Design and global connections of surfaces.

With Feature Design for example, static pre-defined form changes can be applied globally to complete models in one operation, while all surface structures, connections and design features are maintained.

Thus existing designs can be quickly and easily adapted to new or modified references, for consistent design integrity and engineering data re-use.

ICEM Surf Magic module provides additional tools for surface construction, and makes global dynamic design and modelling of complex surface models possible.

Entire components or component sections, consisting of multiple surfaces can be changed dynamically as a unit. Surfaces may also be re-fitted or projected onto reference data.

Rendering module provides an advanced set of rendering tools that allow the designer to generate a photo-realistic representation of the CAD model.

Often used for live presentations and design reviews, designers can dynamically rotate the model, apply effects such as textures, transparency, shadows and reflections, set lighting conditions that can control the ambient occlusion, lens flares and HDR lights within a user defined environment while continuing to maintain the photo-realistic representation.

ICEM Surf Scan Modelling allows users to efficiently handle dense, ordered, or random point clouds generated by automatic laser and photo digitizers.

Tools are provided to enable the designer to directly, locally, or globally, model point clouds or facet data. Additional tools associated to the process of Quick Surfacing are provided when users need to create surfaces, very quickly, from point clouds, curves or facet data.

User defined sections and/or curves, together with a facet model are used to initial quick surface creation. Surfaces generated automatically by Quick Surfacing can be used downstream with software packages that cannot support facets or do not need Class-A finished surfaces (for example, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), tooling or packaging analysis, and the like).

ICEM Surf Advanced Tools provides extensive tools to create Accelerated Surfaces and to create (with the tube function) and diagnose car body gaps.

The levelling analysis function enables to check the homogeneity of a surface area compared to a reference area. Another diagnosis function allows checking for unwanted flat areas in a surface model.

An additional function called “nominal actual value comparison” checks for the deviation of e.g. a surface to scan data. The helix function allows the construction of movable automotive side window glasses.

ICEM Surf Safety Analysis was developed primarily for safety studies in the automotive industry, but has many other applications where humans need to operate in a man-made environment.

It provides digital tools, which can detect edges and corners on a 3D model that may cause injuries. It subsequently analyses and highlights the radii in those zones, which are defined as dangerous, based on the specified industry-standard safety criteria.

Success Stories

McPherson Yacht Design

The best way to get an image of our capabilities and quality of services is to read about one of our many success stories.

This success story is about  McPherson Yacht Design, a company which, as the name suggests, has been operating in the marine industry for the past 12 years.

Find out how Majenta enabled McPherson Design to produce high-quality surfaces with ICEM Surf and to ensure a speedy delivery of the project.

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