Majenta and Jaguar Land Rover

Majenta is a trusted partner to JLR and is already their strategic support partner for onboarding all new and existing suppliers. Majenta’s key objective in this role is to ensure that for a given statement of work (PLM SoW) each supplier is competent, capable, connected appropriately and compliant to satisfy JLR requirements. You may have already have attended several courses at Majenta for onboarding activities, worked closely on the JLR Supplier portal and attended the JLR Supplier Strategy annual events, all of which are powered by Majenta.

As a Platinum Dassault Systèmes Partner, Majenta has extensive experience in deploying the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and can, therefore, ensure an exceptional customer experience when supporting the JLR supplier base with 3DEXPERIENCE activities. Majenta is positioned to provide packaged deployment and training solutions for 3DEXPERIENCE support and risk management throughout the JLR supply chain providing reassurance to JLR their suppliers.

Jaguar Land Rover 3DEXPERIENCE

As vehicles and vehicle systems become more complex to design, build and deliver, OEMs and suppliers need to accelerate innovation, drive efficiencies and move to the factory of the future. Because of this, the largest OEMs throughout the automotive industry are choosing to move to the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform to enable the digitisation and transformation of their business.

Why has JLR chosen to implement the 3DEXPERIENCE?

To drive productivity:

  • Substantially reduce program delays and collapse timescales
  • Massively reduce warranty costs

To better integrate with their supply chain:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • True design in context
  • Real-time communication of information

How does 3DEXPERIENCE benefit suppliers?

For working with Jaguar Land Rover:

  • Enable virtual/remote working
  • Reduce time waiting for information & non-value adding activities
  • Securing your future and inclusion in future vehicle programs
  • Deliver you project data right-first-time and eliminate the need for unnecessary rework

For your organisation: 

  • Better CAD/BOM integration
  • Reduce revision errors
  • Improved document tracking & handling
  • Simple version control
  • Improves communication and collaboration throughout all departments
  • Enable Flexible workflows
  • Faster oversight & approvals
  • Automate your Product lifecycle
  • Enable Better error recovery

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Contechs have deployed the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Contechs, a specialist design and engineering services provider in the UK, works closely with OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in the automotive sector. The UK company has built up sector-leading experience in CAD and engineering services to deliver consistent, efficient services across the complete spectrum of vehicle program disciplines, from design concept ideation to product launch and post-launch support.

In order to thrive during the rapidly changing automotive industry, Contechs required agile design, visualisation and data collection capabilities. These would bridge the gap with its OEM and supplier clients as they diversify product lines and develop new technology for the cars of the future.

Majenta’s Jaguar Land Rover 3DEXPERIENCE Supplier Software Packages

As part of Jaguar Land Rover’s digital engineering strategy, suppliers will now be required to purchase their own 3DEXPERIENCE licences to deliver against specified programmes. Jaguar Land Rover has identified 3DEXPERIENCE licence roles for suppliers, and these have been tailored for suppliers working across the different systems e.g. Body in White, electrical, Powertrain and Chassis and more.

At Majenta, we have developed packages to support your use of the 3DEXPERIENCE with JLR. These packages include supporting you with connecting to JLR, bespoke training, support, and methods all tailored to your requirements. We have created bespoke packages for each of the 13 Roles defined by JLR:

To find out which role(s) and package(s) you need in order to deliver your programme requirements or to get a quote, get in touch with our team or, if you have access to JLR enerjyhub, use the 3DEXPERIENCE Role Finder tool.

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Jaguar Land Rover Supplier Training Solutions

JLR Supplier Integration Training


Dassault Systèmes Training

Majenta are a Dassault Systèmes Certification Centre, therefore can offer organisations and individuals alike the opportunity to undertake courses and exams devised by Dassault Systemes.

View all Dassault Systèmes Courses.



The 3DEXPERIENCE Assessment is a process of discovery where we use our proprietary methodology and analysis toolsets to help you uncover opportunities for business transformation with PLM. It enables you to evaluate and link your unique business drivers and strategies to solution capabilities with supporting benefit metrics and their associated improvement values

PLM Review

We’ve developed a set of tools to help ensure the PLM solutions offered are right for you. We can demonstrate where the value and benefits can be found. Within a High-Level PLM Review, our tools are used to assist customers and will provide a future-proof proposal that details where non-value activities can be eliminated or reduced, increasing ROI and efficiency.

PLM Deployment

We have decades of experience working with organisations from a variety of industry sectors, including: aerospace, automotive, construction and manufacturing. Our customers benefit from our PLM Reviews, and our experience and expertise in PLM deployment that future-proofs their investment. We can future-proof too, get in touch with our experts today.

Business Process Analysis

Our Business Process Analysis is designed to give you a complete overview of your business. It reviews the effectiveness of different departments, including design, engineering, manufacturing and IT, and how the efficient use of tools and applications can create a more streamlined workflow towards your objectives in a quicker and smarter way.

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