Enhance your mechanical product design quality & alternatives. Increase the number of studies using complex mechanism design and static simulation. Securely exchange data with JLR.

JLR 3DX Engineer allows the users to Enhance mechanical product design quality, through a highly accurate & reliable 3D geometry, supporting very large assemblies, including full model-based definition for product manufacturing information as well as basic surface design and allows Human centric design approach. Users can increase the number of studies using complex mechanism design and static simulation.


  • Cover the END-to-END process for mechanical engineering & pre-production studies
  • Reduce time to market with best in class detailed design apps
  • Explore innovative solutions and concepts on single parts and large assemblies
  • Define the right detailed design the first time using existing designs.
  • Anticipate Product Manufacturing Information through the full definition of 3D Tolerances & Annotations in the same model


  • Real-time collaboration: work in parallel and exchange through 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
  • Conceptual design: use 2D or 3D techniques to create a workable concept for detailed design
  • Assembly & kinematics: design and animate complex kinematic mechanisms
  • Unified user interface: accelerate your design with natural manipulations and contextual interactions
  • Product review: detect and track interferences, check the weight distribution and analyse the digital mock-up with relevant engineering data
  • Knowledge design automation: capitalize on your assets, capture modelling methodologies and reuse associative templates
  • Associative Drawings: generate associative layouts with multi-views, dimensions, and associated bill of materials
  • Detailed Design: accelerate detailed design of the rough parts and check the feasibility to ensure the manufacturing requirements
  • Static Study: Predict the structural behaviour of the mechanical assembly under loads
  • Human Design: Assess mechanisms in the context of different type of humans and postures


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