As part of a game-changing partnership with Dassault Systèmes, Jaguar Land Rover and its suppliers are using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to eliminate silos in work-streams and to ensure streamlined processes for long-term success. As a long-standing JLR supplier, you want to make sure that you are part of this long-term success.

Connected by the 3DEXPERIENCE, you are enabling a virtualised workforce, providing a platform for remote working across the globe, without any delays on project delivery.

Take the first step on your digital transformation journey by attending a ‘Day in the Life’ session to discover how you can join Jaguar Land Rover in creating an agile, lean, and more profitable supply chain that is driven to maximise delivery of car programmes and value to your business and all of your customers.

Join us for a ‘Day in the Life’ session.

Our Day in the Life sessions will show you how you can seamlessly collaborate with JLR, as well as how you can bring all of your workflows across all of your projects and partners onto one unified platform where you can collaborate in real-time.

This session will cover:

  1. An overview of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.
  2. How the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform enables easy integration and collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover.
  3. The benefits that the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform presents for your organisation, aside from your requirements with JLR.
  4. Any questions and reservations you may have.

Please note, these sessions are to help educate you and your team and there is zero obligation to purchase.

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In discussion with Jaguar Land Rover suppliers…

During a virtual round table event, hosted by Majenta, in partnership with Dassault Systèmes, we had the chance to speak to JLR suppliers Contechs, Cooper Standard and Xandor Automotive about the impact that the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has had over the last few months, as well as the importance of aligning with Jaguar Land Rover’s digital strategy.

Advantages of adopting 3DEXPERIENCE.

How important is it that suppliers align with Jaguar Land Rover?

Contechs have deployed the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Contechs, a specialist design and engineering services provider in the UK, works closely with OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in the automotive sector. The UK company has built up sector-leading experience in CAD and engineering services to deliver consistent, efficient services across the complete spectrum of vehicle program disciplines, from design concept ideation to product launch and post-launch support.

In order to thrive during the rapidly changing automotive industry, Contechs required agile design, visualisation and data collection capabilities. These would bridge the gap with its OEM and supplier clients as they diversify product lines and develop new technology for the cars of the future.

Leading Industry Insight from Jose Urrichi-Garcia, Head of Digital Engineering Capability at Jaguar Land Rover.


“If you want to come up with that product that is capable of being very good in many different conditions, doing it traditionally would be phenomenally time consuming, phenomenally expensive, and the maturity when it reaches the market could be compromised because you cannot cover every single possible scenario.”  



At a special Dassault Systèmes event, ‘FT Digital Dialogue session on automotive manufacturing post-COVID’, Jose Urruchi-Garcia, Head of Digital Engineering Capability at Jaguar Land Rover spoke about the acceleration of digitalisation in the automotive industry

Cost and timescales are not the only drivers of digitalisation, which has been gathering pace in the industry for the last ten years. Another major advantage of digitalisation is the development of better products within normal timescales.

Why Majenta?

Majenta is a trusted partner to JLR and is already their strategic support partner for onboarding all new and existing suppliers. Majenta’s key objective in this role is to ensure that for a given statement of work (PLM SoW) each supplier is competent, capable, connected appropriately and compliant to satisfy JLR requirements. You may have already have attended several courses at Majenta for onboarding activities, worked closely on the JLR Supplier portal and attended the JLR Supplier Strategy annual events, all of which are powered by Majenta.

As a Platinum Dassault Systèmes Partner, Majenta has extensive experience in deploying the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and can, therefore, ensure an exceptional customer experience when supporting the JLR supplier base with 3DEXPERIENCE activities. Majenta is positioned to provide packaged deployment and training solutions for 3DEXPERIENCE support and risk management throughout the JLR supply chain providing reassurance to JLR their suppliers.

  • "Following their review of our Dassault Software and commercial sourcing models, we made the decision to move to Majenta Solutions from our existing Dassault Partner to support our business requirements moving forward. We have since realised significant business savings and increased our engineering and design capability. The service and support provided by the team at Majenta has been exemplary throughout. "

    Ian Brookes

    Commercial Director

  • "We no longer have huge numbers of spreadsheets everywhere or plans and drawings and clippings from people’s emails that we would have to try and piece together in a design review. With 3DEXPERIENCE, the system records that communication, recalls what was said and done, allows users to load pictures and events, and pull data from CATIA and other software. It's all presented in an intuitive manner, like an online blog, so it’s much easier to understand. We now have multichannel communication on one platform, bringing various disparate company organisations together in one place. "

    Alan Yee

    Engineering Director

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