Fix Pack Distribution

A Fix-Pack is the name given to the i-PLM installation files for Wintop. This may be the full installation package, or, smaller update files that are installed on top of the existing installation. They are released by the JLR i-PLM team after a period of testing and then distributed by Majenta via the MX tool. Release cadence is set by the i-PLM team.

JLR i-PLM supplier support includes a single MX licence for each supplier site. MX has been specifically developed to enable engineers to share large data sets with external users and remote workers.

MX enables very fast and secure distribution of large i-PLM fix packs, with full audit trail information that can be used to track and monitor progress. This information is also integrated into the JLR i-PLM Community Supplier Portal to allow suppliers to self-certify on their progress through any i-PLM upgrade cycle.

In brief MX delivers on the following requirements:

  • Handle very large fix pack sizes
  • Enable very fast download performance when compared to other file transfer tools
  • Allow Authorisable /authenticated access
  • Simple to deploy with simple and easy process to follow
  • Fully auditable allowing monitoring of supplier progress on download of fix packs

Please note that the MX licence provided to JLR suppliers as part of their i-PLM support agreement can only be used to transact JLR i-PLM Fix pack data. Should you wish to use MX for your own data exchange requirements then please contact our team.

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