OEMs and suppliers need more performance when planning and real-time visibility for their global manufacturing operations to better implement and control quality processes within and across plants to optimise lean production. Managing regulatory compliance and minimizing product recall by improving product quality, all while balancing profitability, are key factors that drive today’s adaptive manufacturing.

Lean Production Run is an end-to-end solution for global manufacturers that deliver comprehensive planning and scheduling capabilities at enterprise, plant, and line levels while seamlessly supporting digital continuity across all aspects of manufacturing operations (production, quality, material synchronization, and performance management). It integrates each planning horizon (strategic, tactical, operational and execution) in one single global, scalable & flexible platform, and connects the plants to the enterprise.

What’s Included?
  • Sales and operations planning: Demand Planning optimizes your business processes for higher performance and profit. Its optimisation, forecasting and what-if scenario planning capabilities support fast and confident decision-making at every stage of the planning cycle, no matter what your company’s level of S&OP maturity is.
  • Tactical Manufacturing Planning: Meet target dates and reduce cycle time through mid term planning at finite capacity. Measure the decision impact and make the appropriate trade-offs when unexpected events occur challenging manufacturing planning across multiple sites. Master Production Schedule has proven to be an integral success factor in streamlining global manufacturing by increasing agility and efficiency, empowering customers responsiveness with the ability to reschedule.
  • Production Scheduling: The Production Scheduling solution offers detailed scheduling and integrated management of product and process related to constraints across multiple resources such as machines, tools, and operators. It also provides short-term optimisation capabilities for Made-to-Order or inventory-based production flows for manufacturers.

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  • Quality Management: The Quality Management solution provides Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) and the ability to best manage and continuously improve product and process quality in a global manufacturing environment. A single, unified manufacturing process framework and data model unifies and standardizes quality management across the enterprise by enabling a common repository of quality best practices and near-perfect execution on a global scale.
  • Lean Production Execution: The Production Execution solution delivers the ability to manage and synchronize distributed global operations, helping to standardize and share best practices across sites while accommodating multiple manufacturing models. It easily adapts to different manufacturing environments – simple or complex, small or large, high or low volume. As an enterprise solution, it enables manufacturers to define, control and optimise operations across multiple sites and functions, while still accommodating site-specific extensions.

Key Benefits & Capabilities

  • Reduce inventory while increasing production throughput with real-time integration and adaptive manufacturing between the product supply network, production processes and picking and shipping events within the plant
  • Better decision making with real-time control and visibility of production, inventory, and orders across global manufacturing operations
  • Continuously improve product and process quality in a global manufacturing environment with increased visibility and control of quality plans and exception management across both plant and global manufacturing operations
  • Visibility, control and synchronization of production operations – manage and synchronize distributed global operations
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