Benefit from on-demand web meetings from a Majenta WebEx session now. With just a web browser and a telephone, you can start using our WebEx/Telephone support today.

  • Majenta deliver interactive training – we can reach more people within your company and you receive on-demand and live online classrooms
  • Majenta can resolve technical issues faster – Increase productivity whilst you reduce support costs (no need for us to travel for onsite consultation)

Majenta can work with people across the country – or across the world – as easily as if we were side by side. Just join one of our WebEx sessions, open your web browser to launch into the web conference and communicate and collaborate with us, anywhere, any time. Our online meetings are private and your desktop privacy is under your control.

On-demand web conferencing has become the preferred communication medium for business today. By combining the ease of audio conferencing with the interactivity of video conferencing directly from desktop to desktop, we can provide a truly personalised interactive experience

Choose from either a 10 hour WebEx & Telephone Support contract or 1 year WebEx Telephone Support.

“Majenta, with Nissans support, have developed an accessible cost and time effective internet based G2B / TCP help and support package, specifically tailored to meet the immediate and practical design and CAD release needs of suppliers working with Nissan R&D centres. The clever part is that the internet based support package removes the need to travel and spend time away from your business, but still achieves personal support as and when you need it”.

Simon Bottomley – NTCE
Manager – Engineering Administration

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