You may think that implementing a PLM system across your business is daunting. With Majenta we’re there to provide the expertise and consultancy to help you implement your PLM system. Majenta can help guide you to the right PLM products and support your business

PLM Deployment

We offer a range of services aimed at delivering a seamless PLM deployment within your business. These include:

  • Majenta Packaged 3DEXPERIENCE Deployment

Implementation of a pre-built & pre-packaged 3DEXPERIENCE environment.

  • Bespoke 3DEXPERIENCE Deployment

Implementation of a 3DEXPERIENCE environment built as required for individual companies.

  • 3DEXPERIENCE Configuration

Configuration of a 3DEXPERIENCE environment after it has been implemented.

  • PLM Enablement

Processes Mapping and support of UAT to help deployment and ensure successful user acceptance.

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From Pilot Project to Wide-Scale Deployment

Majenta and Dassault Systèmes support Assystem Energy and Infrastructure with their digital transformation journey using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and the Capital Facilities Information Excellence industry solution.

Majenta engineers reviewed Assystem’s existing processes such as Documentation Control, Enquiry, Contract Start-up, Contract Variation, Design, and Purchasing, performed offsite analysis and mapped these processes to the latest version of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, built test environments, sifted through end-user experience and feedback, all the way through to full deployment of the solution. They also provided first-level training to Assystem ‘subject matter experts’ who formalized and deployed company best practices to additional users.

“I look forward to working with Majenta to continue building our experience with the system and to bring more people up to speed so they can become happy users. It is one of our goals.”


At Majenta Solutions we know how costly and time consuming delivering 3DEXPERIENCE can be, we have therefore developed a Packaged 3DEXPERIENCE Deployment solution to ensure that a rapid and cheaper deployment is possible than if it was built and deployed for each customer.

This pre-packaged solution includes a certain level of configuration of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform so that it can work with a company’s existing processes.

Bespoke 3DEXPERIENCE Deployment

Majenta will work with our customers to determine their exact 3DEXPERIENCE requirements. We will then create a Bespoke 3DEXPERIENCE Deployment solution for each customer, that is set up and configured to an agreed specification.

3DEXPERIENCE Configuration

At Majenta, we know that businesses and their processes evolve and change and that the way 3DEXPERIENCE was originally configured may no longer be appropriate. Majenta Solutions are therefore able to provide 3DEXPERIENCE Configuration services so that it can be used to meet a customer’s new processes and methods.

PLM Enablement

Having a working 3DEXPERIENCE platform is only part of a deployment project. Understanding how the platform is going to be used day-to-day is essential. Majenta Solutions PLM Enablement service entails working with Subject Matter Experts at a company to understand their existing processes and map these to 3DEXPERIENCE along with introducing best practices. In addition, we will also help to create User Acceptance Testing (UAT) scripts and use cases so that real-life applicable tests are carried out. We will also support any UAT testing so that any further changes can be fed back to ensure any changes to processes or configuration changes of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform are made.

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