Secure data exchange for engineers

Ultra-encryption protects your data whilst collaborating.
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Traceable. Accountable. Data Exchange.

With a permanent history of all activity, regain full control of your IP through MX

Know exactly when and where your data is sent and who has accessed it

Reduce security risks through traceability within one consistent transfer platform

Have full visibility of employees and suppliers within your system

Your IP. Protected.

Cutting edge file encryption protects your IP when exchanging CAD files

Easy, reliable, highly secure upgrade from using couriers, disk, USBs, FTP sites and consumer-led web portals to share your CAD data

Developed specifically to protect your valuable CAD data

Superior closed network security

Revoke user access and specific file access with user-level settings

Do your share.

MX enables collaboration with messaging and bi-directional exchange of CAD data between OEMs, suppliers and colleagues

MX users send and receive unlimited data between each other at no extra cost

Share CAD design files with colleagues and external users

Collaborate within MX to make product design decisions more quickly

Manage users within companies and groups that suit your business logic

Send files. Faster.

MX is up to 700% faster than competitors

Ideal for all leading CAD file types

Not sending CAD?  Send other files types and enjoy the same benefits

No limit on file size

Send any file or folder type without restriction

Automatic file compression

Your branded data exchange solution.

Take ownership of your data exchange with Host company branding, giving one complete standardised platform look and feel for all users

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