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Technical Reviews are a service delivered by our Technical Account Managers. It is a review of a company’s engineering working practices and software productivity.

It helps us better understand your business, the landscape and the challenges you face, in order to identify potential areas for improvement aligned with your business goals and objectives.

What’s involved in the Technical Review?

The activities of a Technical Review include reviewing PLM software that is used (CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM etc) and reviewing the processes and methods of how the software is used along with the objectives of what is trying to be achieved.

The Technical Review considers three distinct areas of your business. These include:

  • Performance
  • Processes
  • Productivity

The review also includes identifying any shortcomings either in the current software applications used, IT infrastructure or current skill sets of staff and provides recommendations of how to resolve bottlenecks or non-value activities.

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What you’ll receive after the Technical Review

The outcome of a Technical Review is a report that captures the activities and findings of the day, it includes details of current activities at the company being reviewed, along with software licenses and how and what each is being used for, along with recommendations for improvements and potential changes.

  • "The technical guys at Majenta Solutions have become our user-friendly interface; they really understand both Jaguar, our major client, and Ford."

    Ian Blundell

    CAD Manager
    EATON Vehicle Group

  • "Having used a multitude of different CAD software packages with a range of support services from different suppliers, I can honestly say that the software and support we have received from Majenta has been outstanding."

    Mark Butler

    Design Engineer
    FTR Moto

  • "We have had a close working relationship with Majenta for many years and fully rely on their knowledge, expertise and professionalism to support our busy CAD environment."

    Jason Diggle

    Application Support Analyst
    Wartsila Water Systems Ltd

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