Course Type:
5 Days
On site or at the Majenta office in Whitley, Coventry
User Level:
Intermediate to Advanced

This course will teach you how to design parts in the context of a complex product structure using collaborative engineering methods. You will learn how to optimally use CATIA when working with large and complex designs. You will also learn how to generate annotations and bills of material for your assembly drawings.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Optimise the performance of large and complex designs
  • Manage contextual links between product documents using publications
  • Create and use parameters to drive a product design
  • Create sections to visualize the internal product structure
  • Create scenes and explode views of a product
  • Generate annotations and bills of material for assembly drawings


Students attending this course should be familiar with CATIA Assembly Design and CATIA Part Design.

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