5 Days
At the Majenta office in Whitley, Coventry
Shwetha Gowda
User Level:
Beginner to Intermediate

The course will introduce the user to the basic surface creation, modification and diagnosis tools in ICEM Surf. You will use the supplied data to create curves and A-class quality surfaces.

Subjects covered include:

• Data transfer in and out of ICEM Surf:
• List and Display menus
• Introduction to surface creation
• Sections and Diagnostics
• Symmetry
• Curve construction
• Object hierarchy and naming conventions
• Work Planes
• Curve approximation and modification
• Patch Order
• Surface modification
• Sections and Diagnostics
• Curve Offsetting
• Curve Projection
• Face Trimming
• Flanges
• Views
• Sections
• Planes
• Diagnostics

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