Who's it for?

If you’re working in BIM or plan to work within a BIM framework in 2017, then join us for BIMLive: BIM in 2017.


Register now and join Majenta Solutions and our guest panel, at our next BIMLive event as BIM in 2017 is discussed by our panel of BIM experts

During this online event, you’ll discover what the future holds for BIM in 2017. Whether you’re already working within a BIM compliant framework or you’re considering taking the required steps to becoming BIM compliant, our BIM in 2017 will explain what awaits you next year.


A Year in BIM.

A look back on 2016 and what exactly happened during the mandate year.

BIM in 2017.

What can you expect from the industry in 2017? A discussion on the big issues that will impact BIM in 2017.

BIM Questions, Answered.

Got questions? The panel of BIM experts will answer them all during the webinar.

The Panel

Join our resident BIM expert; James Smith and our guest panel to discuss BIM in 2017.


Time Item
14:00 A Year in BIM
14:20 BIM in 2017
14:40 BIM Questions, Answered
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